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GPS: Goal Planning Strategy

Have a Plan for Your Goals !

Your goals are much too important to just wing-it and hope for the best. Failing at a goal can be devastating. While many factors cause people to miss the mark, one of the biggest is their failure to create a plan for success.


It’s easy for life to get in the way of our goals. But now, you will transform your dreams into realities. You will elevate your ability to set and accomplish important goals by keeping detailed notes of your progress and results.


The GOAL Planning Strategy – GPS™ is your companion handbook to The GOAL Formula. You will embark on a powerful 90-Day Run, allowing you to set important goals, keep track of your progress, and exceed your own expectations. You now have a system to stay on track and make the necessary course-corrections for success.


The GOAL Planning Strategy – GPS™ provides you with:


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